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Jan. 14th, 2005 @ 07:40 pm (no subject)
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It was dark, but then again Mommy and Daddy had taken away his nighlight. They brokeded it and my Willow and Jesse and me were saving up money to buy another one. So it was dark, and my bed smelled funny.

I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes with my fists and then frowned at the dark covers, this wasn't my *bed*. I looked to my side at the person there and kinda scared like poked them in the shoulder. That wasn't Willow! It was a big lady.

I was a big boy so I didn't cry, I felt my bottom lip shiver like it did right before my eyes got all shiny and stingy wet but I didn't cry. I was big now. I was smart, I moved my foot and held on tighly to the covers before kicking and pulling the covers at the same time.

But something else was wrong, the big lady was out of my not mine bed but my foot was big...and I made my eyes tight, Willow called it 'squinting' one time. So I squinted at my foot and then I heard my sniffles start as I looked at my hands. They were wrong and big like a mans, a *real* man like daddy. I didn't want to be like daddy yet!

I scrambled out of my bed and zoomed as fast as I could to the bathroom. It was icky and it had girly stuff all around it. But I didn't care about the funny looking bottles because I was too busy looking in the mirror.

I stared and the big man stared back. I wiggled my eyebrows, and the big man wiggled his. I stuck out my tongue and he stuck *his* tongue back out at me! I was a big boy, and big boys don't cry do they? Then I looked down and my eyebrows did the lifting thing like rockets. WHOOSH! *Every* thing was bigger.

But my lip was shaking again and my eyes were stinging and my face was getting all wrinkling as I made my crying yelling noise. I tried to make it not so loud by covering my mouth, but then my snot and crying water and everything was going through my fingers and I sniffled and screamed louder.
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Date:January 20th, 2005 12:45 pm (UTC)
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"Ow, Xander! Why did you kick me out of the bed? Is this another one of those strange human things I wouldn't understand. Because frankly, I don't like it."

He had run into the bathroom. Maybe he had an overactive bladder. Of course that's still no excuse for kicking a perfectly good fiancee onto the floor. I crawled up and leaned on the bed.

"Xander," I rolled my half closed eyes. "Wait, what's wrong?"

No answer. So I did what any self respecting battered woman would do and followed the little bed kicker into the bathroom.

"That really wasn't very nice, you know. I could have been seriously injured and unable to work. Then Giles would be all grumpy and probably do that whole spiel about how in his day in England, without those bloody Americans, and walking to school ten miles in 20 ft snow before automobiles were made. And I don't deserve that. Besides, I'm older than him and I happen to know for a fact that very seldom do people walk through 20 ft snow. There was this one time when Halfrek and I, but that was a very long time ago and there really is no way Giles was there. I would have noticed."

He started screaming that little girly scream of his.

"Xander, pull yourself together."

I ran through all the things that could be bothering him, which was kind of hard, because really, he's quite hyper-sensitive about a lot of things.

"Did you start singing again? Is that what you're worried about?"

I waited for an answer, but he just stood there like a deer in the headlights.

"Well, we know Buffy isn't dead, for now anyway. Although she doesn't seem very happy about it. And you are a very successful human being. It doesn't effect your manliness at all that I make more money then you. Why? Because you're kind, and caring, and a good person and sometimes I buy you ice cream."

Still he stared at me.

"Are you having doubts about our wedding again? Cause I swear Xander Harris, first you ask a girl to marry you, then you want to keep it a secret, and don't think I don't know how you feel about my demonic heritage. 'But Anya, the evil demon was hurting people, we had to kill it.' Hm. You know, never mind, I don't care what's wrong with you. I'm mad at you. Why don't you just go run along and hunt demons with Buffy, or do that little dog dance with Willow? It's obvious you are incapable of acting like a mature adult and dealing with me head on when you have a problem."

"I'm going to get dressed and go to the magic shop and make sure all the money is still there. You can do whatever you like."

Date:January 31st, 2005 10:28 am (UTC)
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The lady was talking. With her mouth alot and it was not making sense. So I waited for her to stop talking and just blinked slowly. I got it! She was a babysitter from a different country, that's why she talked funny. Maybe from Yugiohslave. I saw that on a map once, probably have weird talking people there.

I looked back in the mirror and was only gaspy breathing, Willow told me it was sobbing once, but sobbing is a funny word, it rhymes with bobbing.

"I don't have kindergarten today?" I asked my new babysitter, following her out of the bathroom. "Are you gonna stay with me today then? Can I call Willow and Jesse? Are we gonna go to the park? If I don't have school can I watch cartoons?"

I had too many questions and I shut up fast like Daddy told me too when I talked too much. Grownups didn't like that unless they were Jesse and Willow's mommies and daddies. Moving my hands to cover my mouth, I looked down and felt shy as I was blushing.

I was nakie!
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Date:February 7th, 2005 12:14 am (UTC)
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"Xander! Shut up! What are you talking about? Is this some kind of strange new foreplay? Because oddly enough, it's not doing it for me. And that's just weird. Usually,just about anything..." Wait a minute. He's side-tracking me trying to butter me up so I'll forget that he's all anti-demon , anti-Anya, anti-sex at Chuck E.Cheese, cause that's just wrong. He doesn't mind it at the Magic Shop. So, I don' really see what his problem is. I would have to find the whiniest man on the planet. He is cute though. Hmm...

'Can I call Willow and Jesse?'

"I told you fine, go play with your little witch and everybody's favorite slayer. I don't mind. Really. I'm just going to get dressed and protect the money from thieves. Unless it's already been stolen... That would be bad. I better hurry! But I'll need you to drive me. If you think it's proper for ex-demon's to ride in cars,that is. Maybe I'll just take the bus. I suppose you think I should sit in the back. Well, I won't. Cause, well, it doesn't matter anyway, because you have to drive me. There's just no getting out of it. I'm sorry. What?""

There he was, my fiancee, Xander Harris staring at his naked body.

"Yes, it is nice isn't it. Now would you please get dressed? The money, it may already be stolen..."
Date:February 14th, 2005 09:18 am (UTC)
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The lady just talked and talked and talked and said crazy stuffs and talked, I didn't know anybody who could talk and confuse me more than my Willow.

I frowned and felt myself starting to get wet in my eyes again. "I can't drive! I'm -5-!" This lady, was kinda crazy I thinks so I just ran back to my bed and jumped in pulling to covers over my head and counting to 100 like I was supposed to.

At 100, the scary things went away. 1....2...

And then I started to cry again and it wasn't fun.
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Date:February 19th, 2005 06:42 pm (UTC)
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I went over and pulled the covers off of him.

"Xander you are not 5, you're a full grown man. So start acting like it."

I looked at him. He looked all scared and pathetic.

"Xander did you hit your head?"

I waited for a reply.

"Xander,who are you or more importantly who am I? Xander speak to me. You could be seriously injured,or,or,or... Oh. Xander come on. Speak. You can't die on me before the wedding. That would just be wrong."