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Apocalypse for Dummies...

~ A demon with a sense of humor? God Forbid!

Apocalypse for Dummies - BTVS RP
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~~~~~~~~~Apocalypse for Dummies~~~~~~~~~~~
A Demon with a sense of humor...
God Forbid!

The Scoobies are gathered outside the Magic Shop, after finishing killing a vampire. After he dies there is a bright red glow and a female appears. A short black girl/woman, in a red silk dress that is loose like a tunic and a pair of black leather pants. She glares at them all and stares at the dust before smiling slowly. She starts to sing.

A Slayer living past age 18.
A witch with powers great.
A Hunky Geek with a knack of surviving
Honey That's Bragging Rights

A vampire who can't kill humans.
A ex-demon with a nice shape.
A girl who's technically not real.
Okay, babes that's just weird.

I'll admit I've got a flair for the dramatic.
You killed my man, you'll live to regret it.
Sleep well tonight for tommorow, well let's face it.
A few changes will be made...and ooh I'm really feeling it.

Okay, so you're a superhero.
Your male lackeys are quite hot.
You guys are good.
And well...I'm not.

I'm a polite sort a demon, manners are key.
So with 4 giftcurses I will leave thee.
Don't worry cuties, this won't hurt a bit
Well it might if you can't fix it but hey..I really don't care.

One, who's mind is allowed to dwell on things of youth.
One, who's inner thoughts are revealed by lips loose.
One, who is different and yet the same.
One, who's mind stays and yet their body will age.

This here is my riddle, the answer is in you.
Learn from this experience, and see some inner truth
Now my bus leaves at 7, and good lawd it's almost 6.
So I'll leave you now, and oh darlings?

She blows stream of yellow smoke and it surrounds all the scoobies before fading.

Tag, you're it!

Game Info: In place of Tabula Rasa, this new season of Buffy begins. They've pissed off a demon named 'Yavi' and she's cursed them.

The Curse:One, who's mind is allowed to dwell on things of youth. ( they regress in age)
One, who's inner thoughts are revealed by lips loose. ( they can't lie and always speak their mind.)
One, who is different and yet the same. ( They change to the opposite gender)
One, who's mind stays and yet their body will age. ( They age physically to the age of 60)

The Details: The people under the spell first will be Buffy,Spike,Xander and Willow. When the game starts, they all need to be in specific places.

The Characters:

Buffy- buffy_slays_you

Spike- no_amulets

Xander- oneeyed_zeppo

Willow- red_rosenberg

(Needed/Optional)Dawn- summers_key


(Optional)Tara- sexytarawitch

(Needed)Yavi- chia_sano

(Wanted)Angel- mr_angel

(Optional)Oz- ozdwolf

Angel will come in later when the Scoobs call him for help. Oz and Tara are characters to provide reactions and care for the cursed folks. Think funny people, think serious, think Season 6 Buffy with Tabula Rasa replaced with this and the AU from then on. Yavi pops in and out every now and then.

The curse will rotate periodically, so watch for updates. A shift so that the players get the chance to play their characters with each 'transformation'.

When the game starts ,Spike needs to be at his Crypt, and waking up. Buffy needs to be at home, with Dawn coming to wake her up. Willow and Tara need to be in the Summer's Kitchen dealing with breakfast. Xander and Anya need to be at home. Angel and Oz will come in later, but you can write them in their lives until they get the call. Yavi will pop in here and there and later in the Season will prove a friend.( well an annoying little bitch...same difference) There is no Giles char *yet* he's in England planning on getting married.

Your first post should reflect noticing some change, and the freak out or non-freak out. Remember, Buffy's gonna wake up looking like she's 60, but still with her slayer stregnth. Spike is gonna wake up a chick, a pretty chick and still is a vamp. Willow is gonna start speaking her mind and not be able to lie and well Xander is gonna stay physically 20 something but turn mentally 5.

Really, is a Livejournal RPG that wants to Challenge authors and create a story line that could lead to other crazy-go-nuts story lines to create this whole silly/serious RP world.

I want anybody who reads this to be able to *see* the Buffy Actors acting out the actions and dialogues for this RPG. Think, feel, BE your Character.

So please sign up. How you may ask? Well it's *easy* Go to the OOC community, and post with the Character you want to play, contact info and your char lj ( for writing sample), your personal lj and that's it. Then I'll read it and say: Yay! You get it or Yay! You don't...

Whee...have fun!

Mod: chia_sano